Monday’s Finish the Story – Hunger


Here’s my contribution to Monday’s Finish the Story posted by Barbara Beecham. It’s amazing how rusty you can feel after just a week long break from writing, but here goes…

Finish the story begins with: “They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods.”

They’d been tracking them for days, staying out of sight to avoid spooking the beasts and waiting for their chance. The plan was to separate a calf from the herd and bring it down. Starving, and with most their weapons gone, they held onto the element of surprise as their last hope.

“Here they come” Jane whispered, watching the beasts wind their way uphill through the trees. The air was heavier here, full of earthy smells which help to mask their own scent. The animals moved cautiously, the cows keeping their young close.

She pressed the knife handle into her sweaty palm, not daring to breathe. They only had one chance at this, and timing was everything.

Dan listened to the animals draw closer, hunger honing his senses. His eyes waiting for Jane’s signal.

She spread her fingers out and counted down from five.

“Now!” she screamed as they charged  at the buffalo.

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