The Time Eaters

Stay indoors at dawn they say. Keep safe at dusk. When the time eaters are at work, turning night into day and day into night by eating away the layers in between. Keep still as they slip through the spaces between the seconds, as I’ve heard that sometimes the time eaters can be indiscriminate about their food. Time to them is just time, regardless of its source.

They care not for your attachments or for your affections, only for the time which you are yet to use from your years. They are enticed by your youth, and tempted by its promise. So stay safe in the twilight hours, and pray they don’t notice you, or the time which you don’t have to give.

14 thoughts on “The Time Eaters

  1. They sound rather like Facebook updates, which are famous for eating a lot of peoples’ time and do seem to be enticed by youth. Flippancy aside, I’d be interested to know if you’re planning to make this into a full length story?

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    • So true.. Which is why it’s best to avoid Facebook- especially at dawn and dusk.. The Dr Who nerd in me has a thing for time, so this was a fun concept. I might flesh it out a bit more into a short story. The trick of course will be to avoid it sounding like an episode of Dr Who 😀


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