Life happens..

After an insane week of unexpected chaos, calm has returned once more to the savannah. And now I must write like the wind.

Also, does anyone else think that Chewie has had a facelift? How could he possibly still look the same after almost 40 years..


Credit- Disney/Lucasfilm

6 thoughts on “Life happens..

  1. Wookies live a long time. Although to be honest, he’s looking younger in that picture than he did in the previous films. It looks like he’s been sucking the youth out of Han through some sort of Wookie superpower.

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    • Ah so it’s genetic- and here I thought he had succumbed to some form of cosmetic enhancement, although you may be onto something with that theory of yours – Han is looking more like gramps than best bud now isn’t he? Just as well it’s Harrison Ford, who’s probably the only man who could still pull it off :p


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