In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grid.”

For this week’s challenge, I’m revisiting some favourite places from my travels..

Weekly Photo Challenge- An ‘almost’ Monochromatic holiday

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

A close friend and I decided to have a getaway (with babies in tow) to our home town of Sydney, and we couldn’t have picked a better weekend for it. It was a tough gig – not!

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – New Horizons

wpid-wpid-photo-20150907210618095Here’s my contribution to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, kindly hosted by Priceless Joy.

Gregor stood unblinking against the endless expanse of red, scanning the horizon for signs of life. Crossing the great desert was suicide, they’d known that when they had set off, but they were dead anyway and better it be on their own terms. Amali absently rubbed her tiny belly as she stood beside him.

Humanity’s solution to an overpopulated, drowning, earth was to dump those displaced by rising oceans on Mars. They helped the chances of survival by establishing hundreds of tiny colonies, scattered over an unforgiving landscape. However the architects of this new world had never planned on their experiment lasting this long, and four generations later most of the colonies had been wiped out by hunger, disease, and our innate inability at getting along.

Survival was dependent on scarce resources, and maintaining a strict quota on births was the only way ensure the survival of the colony.

Those who didn’t agree had no choice but to find themselves a new home, or die trying.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Connected

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connected.”

I have two literal examples to share this week. The first one is a monkey who was kind enough to pose for me as it made it’s way up a very spiky door. Those spikes don’t look very comfortable, but the monkey didn’t seem to mind..

The wires that you can see in the second photo are what connected the funicular we were travelling in to the contraptions which made it work, and which would bring us safely back to earth. You can’t really think too long about how flimsy those things are – just as well the views were amazing enough to provide a worthy distraction!