Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Albatross Island


Here’s my contribution to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, brought to us by Priceless Joy.

Albatross Island wasn’t known for its warm inviting waters or white sandy beaches. The tiny speck of rock stuck out of a remote, wind swept corner of the North Atlantic, unknown to most of the world. We called it Fools Island, after the fools who thought to live on it once, and the fools think to visit it now.

They come to chase the big waves. 100 foot giants, pushed off the continental plates beneath the island.

This year like every other, they descended upon the island during storm season when the biggest waves formed. Most of them rode in on boats and jetskis, but the diehards stayed in the old abandoned fort on the main part of the island.

Why do we call it Fools Island? Because Albatross Island sits inside the crater of a dormant volcano, and everyone failed to notice the rumbling of the earth beneath. Needless to say, this year the surfers got a lot more than they bargained for in their search for adventure.

16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Albatross Island

  1. Great story! Those poor surfers got a taste of a volcano when all they wanted to do was surf and unfortunately couldn’t see the danger they were in. Thank you for your participation in FFfAW challenge! I enjoy reading your stories and your loyal participation is appreciated! Thank you.


  2. Certainly an island for fools and diehards. I love the way you describe the island as a dangerously volcanic one. Fools, indeed, not to notice the rumblings. It reminds me a lot of Iceland, sitting on the Mid-Atlantic-Ridge. Not exactly inside a crater, but having been created by the outpouring of magma from the ocean bed and so prone to volcanic eruptions. I also love your descriptions of the 100 foot high waves that continuously draw people to the island. An very interesting and well written story, Az. 🙂

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    • Thankyou Millie. My husband’s a keen surfer and I love the ocean, so we watch documentaries on these mad big wave surfers who really do have a death wish! Theres a place off the coast of Portugal where people actually surf 100 foot waves. And Iceland’s a great example, remember all the flight disruptions a few year ago?

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      • I’ve never tried surfing and admire people who do. 100 foot waves sound incredible! Iceland’s certainly a volcanic island, but It would probably be too cold up there for surfing – even if the waves were suitable. I’ve never heard of it being mentioned as a venue for surfing, but who knows. I suppose people could wear wet suits! 🙂
        Yes, I remember the disruptions to flights well. My eldest daughter was taking her uni students to Pompeii that year, but the trip had to be cancelled. Such a disappointment. Anyway, great story! 🙂

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