“So I killed him. So what, he was dying anyway.” He had diabetes. “Yeah well that’s a disease isn’t it?” She tapped tiny embers into the night, the shiny things on her fingers glinting in the darkness.You know, on average at least one person dies on every cruiseThere are a lot of sad people out there, looking for a painless exit.” Or just a lot of cold hearted murderers. “Anyway, what do you care.” She flicked her hair like she did just before a point was about to made, and stretched her arms across the rails. “All that is in the past,  now we can ride on the oceans forever on the Sea Princess.” She laughed into her cigarette, drawing on it one more time before flicking the dying butt over the rail. She bent down to pick up her shoes. Black water churned beneath them. Let’s go back in, it’s freezing out here. A soft nudge and she tipped over. “Oh shit. Help me up!” She fell laughing onto the smooth deck. I pulled her up and brought her close, inhaling that familiar scent of wine and nicotine, barely masking the headache inducing perfume. She looked up at me, reaching her hands up towards the back of my neck. I gave her a smile and hoisted her over the rail. Farewell my love. I won’t miss you.


14 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. Well, hello there! Thanks for dropping by, and I’m glad that you did, because I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. This one here is very bittersweet. Happy writing!

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  2. A gripping scene played out there, Az. The word ‘heartless’ definitely applies – and heartless reaps its just rewards.
    Welcome back to Blogland! I’ve been ‘off’ most of the time since Christmas, too, and will have to ‘pop off’ again before long. (I desperately need to finish my book!). It’s been good seeing you write again, though.

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    • Thankyou- it feels good to be back on Blogland, I can’t believe that I was away for 6 months in the end! I blame the time eaters 😬 good luck with the book- I aiming to finish a few short stories and my first draft this year- have to finish my mba next year so if I don’t do it now I probably won’t be able to for another two years which is too long a break..


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