The Feast


Here’s my go at this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt, with a photo provided by Graham.

The Feast

The Lady Orla sat watching her guests savour the delights laid out before them. Each table set with a sumptuous feast for the senses. Pink, juicy meats roasted to perfection, and oozing wheels of cheese served on pillows of soft warm bread. Exotic fruit from unknown places – and endless glasses of wine, glittering like liquid rubies in their hands.

She watched them eat and drink and laugh, listening to the clink of knives on plates made of gold, as her own plate sat untouched. Her slender, gloved hands resting softly in her lap.

She sat as the chatter grew quiet, and her guests feel asleep where they sat, waiting until the last hand dropped lifelessly against its owner before she moved. Her guests were arranged as she needed them to be, and only when they were ready did she bare her own hands.

The Lady Orla walked amongst her guests and caressed each one gently, pausing a moment to watch them turn slowly to gold.

165 words.


31 thoughts on “The Feast

  1. I liked this a lot. I liked that I heard myself reading out loud in my head as I read and I read in an exciting voice. I think that’s because the words pulled me right in. I also really liked that I thought it was going a completely different direction! Nice surprise!

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  2. I thought she was going to poison them, but I didn’t expect her to go full Midas. I guess the moral is that when you think you’ve found a free lunch, you might end up being the price rather than paying it!

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