Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers- The Visitor


With a final heave she was out of the ground. She lay on the moist earth for a moment to adjust to her new body, and took in the sights and smells of this new world. The busy earth beneath her, churning life out of the remnants of the dead. A blue sky above, singing with all the invisible sounds of this industrious little world, innocently heralding its presence to all who care to listen.

All around the tall sentinels of this world whispered to themselves in a language she hadn’t yet learnt. She rolled over and stood a while to watch as they sucked nourishment from the earth and light from the sun to make food.

She took a deep breath to fill her lungs and smiled to herself as she slowly exhaled. So sweet and clean it tasted.

A path lay ahead, leading no doubt toward the reason for which she had come to this world.

Another time, another place. Another adventure.

(Word limit: 164)

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