Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – A Fishy Tale

prompt 2

Picking up the pace, she crossed the street and started moving towards the river. A quick glance over her shoulder confirmed that he was still behind her.

Pushing down the help button she spoke into her phone. “Siri call Dave” Calling Debbie.. “Dave! Call. Dave”. I’m sorry but I don’t know how to help you. There is a Glade Lane nearby that I can direct you to? “No, you stupid thing!”

She could see the Ivory Towers up head now and broke into a run, bumping and weaving past the tourists loitering along the path. Hey, catch! She threw her phone at an unsuspecting woman.

A bullet ricocheted off the light pole in front of her and passed through the leg of an old man who was watching the boats. Reaching the river, she vaulted over the rail and threw herself in. Her scales opened up as the skin above peeled away, and she swam down into the murky safety of the Mer River.

Words: 165

26 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – A Fishy Tale

  1. Yes, i wondered why she was shot at too, especially if whoever was following just wanted to capture her. An aptly titled story – a very fishy tale. It’s intriguing to contemplate whether she is a mermaid or something else. At least she was safe in the river,

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    • Thankyou, glad you enjoyed it! Im glad she got away too 🙂 its funny you say the shooter could be a mermaid too as ive had fun with this story and was playing with an idea involving a mermaid mafia of sorts 🙂


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