Bad Neighbours


Here’s my attempt at this weeks Monday’s Finish the Story

Finish the story begins with: “A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadier’s house.”

“Argghh not again! They said they’d fixed that stupid thing.” The Brigadier wiped egg yolk from his beard as he went to inspect the latest inconvenience.

“Jenkins! Get those inconsiderate Reticulans on the holophone right now. I’ve had enough of this nonsense.”

It was a wortbort this time, mostly eaten of course. They only seemed to throw away the messy parts. This one was missing the half of its body, and was busy leaking all over the Brigadier’s clean white tiles. “And bring a mop”.

Due to an unfortunate set of events involving a quantum physicist and an architect, the Brigadier’s home was built above a wormhole which led to the garbage chute of a family living in the Orion Nebula. He’d shoved a few broomsticks up there, but they just seemed to enjoy eating those too. There was only one thing left to do. Send Jenkins up.

18 thoughts on “Bad Neighbours

  1. A fun story, Az, with some excellent imagery – like the mostly-eaten wortbort leaking all over the floor. It must be tricky living over a wormhole connected to a garbage chute – especially one that came from a family with strange eating habits in the Orion Nebula. 🙂

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  2. For some reason, this reminded me of having cats that drag in half eaten mice. I’d like to know what Jenkins is, though. For some reason, I read the name as an acronym for something the Reticulans are not going to enjoy!
    Anyway, thanks for the microread.

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