100 Word Flash Fiction- Jenkins Strikes Back

I’m using Chuck Wendig’s 100 word flash fiction challenge to see how Jenkins the butler got on in the Orion Nebula:

A man walks slowly on blistered feet through a ruined world, charred and smoking from its recent demise. His body is covered in soot, blood and sweat. Beneath the grime he is riddled with scars – trophies from his time in the fighting pits. A familiar sound gets louder as he approaches the singularity.

Jenkins? Are you dead? Hurry up, its almost tea time and I’m starving!

He lifts a wortbort off his shoulder, and places it gently on a pile of rubble. Sorry Wobbzy, you can’t come with me this time. With a sigh, he steps back into the wormhole.

8 thoughts on “100 Word Flash Fiction- Jenkins Strikes Back

  1. A good continuation of last Monday’s story, Az. Jenkins the Intrepid, it seems! Interesting to learn that he spent some time in the fighting pits. I’m sure we’ll learn more than that in a future episode. 🙂

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  2. Looking at the comments under Bad Neighbours, I wasn’t the only one who knew they were going to wish they hadn’t messed with Jenkins. I would like to know what happened between the two stories though. I like to think Jenkins would have given them a chance to mind their manners before incinerating them. Are you thinking of expanding on this any further?

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    • Oh no, not the tricky middle part! To be honest, I’d like to know a bit more Jenkins myself, and you’re right, he seems like a nice enough guy to give them an opportunity to be more ‘neighbourly’ before things the fan- so I think I might have to see what else Jenkins wants to say about himself.. I’ll just add him to the ever growing pile of stories which are clamouring for attention- they’re worse than babies! :p


  3. This made better sense after I read the first one (or the one just prior to this.) I’d love to read more about the Brigadier and his adventures under the garbage chute! Love your characters and the whole wacky world.

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