Monday’s Finish the Story – The Trip


This is my contribution to this week’s Monday’s Finish the Story, posted by Barbara Beecham.

Finish the story starts with: “After losing her head, she realized that the rest of her body was falling apart.”

She lifted her hands to her face and watched as they melted away like pieces of gooey cheese. My camembert hands, she whispered, giggling as she stuck her tongue out to lick them. Then it was the arms, pulling away slowly out from the shoulder sockets. On the screen above flickered an image of an old decapitated doll in a pink dress. Its amazing what our subconscious dredges up, she thoughtwatching her detached feet float away like big bubbles.

An alarm grated at the edge of her consciousness. She was at the best part now as her spine started to stretch, building up to the grand finale. Silently begging for one more minute, she started to lift up out of her body.

The little doll disappeared as the holopod  slid open and face peered down at her. “Time’s up, lady.”

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