Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

This week’s photo challenge has brought out some great examples of creepy things from my fellow weekly photo challengers. The glassy eyed baby dolls in particular just give me the shivers!

Here are some examples which I have encountered on my travels.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu would rate as one of the creepiest places I’ve visited. The purpose for which this spectacular Incan city was built is still unclear, although there are theories of it being a place of learning, a place of worship, or a retreat for the Incan royal family. Whatever its use may have been, and beauty aside, there is a very discomforting aura about this place – not helped by the likely human sacrifices which took place here.

The photo on the left is a place just outside the main complex, referred to by our Peruvian guide as “a very bad place.” Notice weird black stuff oozing from the rock. I wasnt brave enough to get any closer to see what it was. The photo on the right is an example of the otherworldly feel to the place, created by its unique architecture.

Creepy Crawlies of the Amazon Jungle

A small selection of the natives of the Amazon – a piranha, a tarantula in its nest and a giant unidentified bug of some kind – once again, I wasn’t game to get any closer.

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