The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Walls

Weekly Photo Challenge – Walls. Although late to the party, I wanted to share with you some walls I’ve come across on my travels.

Machu Picchu in Peru is an amazing place. Its purpose remains a mystery, although one theory is that it was  a place of learning.

wall 2

The remains of a building along the Inca Trail. After trudging up and down the mountainside for days in the pouring rain, these ruins  towards the end of the journey made it worth the while.

wall 5

A wall of ice in Patagonia.


In stark contrast to the beautiful example above, this is a part of the Berlin Wall which stands as a reminder of the city’s history. Parts of the Wall are scattered throughout Berlin  – this portion was located next to an apartment block, in a residential area.


9 thoughts on “The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Walls

  1. You make me green with envy at all the amazing places you’ve been to, Az. And tyur photos are wonderful. I agree with Karen, above, that the wall of ice looks quite awesome. Mach Picchu is definitely on my bucket list. 🙂

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