Weekly Photo Challenge – Doors

A few years ago I was in Rajasthan India, a part of the world filled with the most beautiful antique doors, which beckoned indiscriminately towards humble homes and ornate palaces alike. These are a few examples from my trip. I have also include a shot I took on the Inca Trail of a doorway high up in the mountains, looking out onto the misty mountainside. I think this photo captures the ‘otherworldliness’ of this place quite well..

Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

Some difficult decisions were made in determining the inspiration for this week’s photo challenge, however I think what keeps me coming back, and moving forward searching for more, is that place where water meets the sky, and the colours they make together.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Vivid

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Vivid – which conjures up images of shiny, bright, red things in my mind. These are some examples I’ve encountered on my travels. I was surprised to not find more examples from India, but that may have been because I was too busy stuffing my face with food to pay attention to photography..

vivid 3

Wildflower growing high up in the mountains of Peru.

vividMacaws eating clay – Amazon Jungle.

vivid 2Buenos Aires.

vivid 5

vivid 7Some deadly little beauties from my garden.

Weekly Photo Challenge – On the Way

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is On the Way.  I always find that the most special moments in my travels are usually captured on the road, and this week’s challenge was a chance to revisit some of my favourites from Peru.


otw 7


otw11 Almost the end of the journey, along the Inca Trail.

otw12 Some of the amazing scenery captured along the Inca Trail.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Forces of Nature

Here are some forces of nature which I have captured over my travels..

forc of nat 2

Other than its amazing scenery, what made Patagonia even more special were its rainbows – they were everywhere!

force f nau 4

The Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina was certainly a site to behold.

forces of nature

These bicycles in Amsterdam were definitely afflicted by a force of nature..

force of na t5

Its only when you get up close that its possible to see the blue heart of a glacier. Unfortunately the colour is a result of the melting process.

Photography Challenge – Motion

The theme for this week’s photography challenge – Motion, has so many possibilities that it’s been difficult to narrow down my favourites. But here goes..

motion 3

This little horse was having way too much fun to care about the cold.

motion 4

Water flowing past Neptune’s feet – Fontana del Nettuno, Rome.

motion 1

I came across this little waterfall at a national park in Rio.

omotion 6

A camel, a horse and a cyclist, on their way to a bar..

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is to capture an ephemeral moment, which I think is quite apt given that photography by its nature is an art form which instantly captures a snippet of time. Here are examples which convey an ephemeral moment to me..

eph3  A new person enters the world.

eph 2 Falling snow.

eph 1 Fireworks.

epm 4  A baby condor stretches its wings.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Walls

Weekly Photo Challenge – Walls. Although late to the party, I wanted to share with you some walls I’ve come across on my travels.

Machu Picchu in Peru is an amazing place. Its purpose remains a mystery, although one theory is that it was  a place of learning.

wall 2

The remains of a building along the Inca Trail. After trudging up and down the mountainside for days in the pouring rain, these ruins  towards the end of the journey made it worth the while.

wall 5

A wall of ice in Patagonia.


In stark contrast to the beautiful example above, this is a part of the Berlin Wall which stands as a reminder of the city’s history. Parts of the Wall are scattered throughout Berlin  – this portion was located next to an apartment block, in a residential area.