Weekly Photo Challenge- Enveloped

This week’s Daily Post Photography challenge is Enveloped, which evokes the imagery of being wrapped up by wings, or by a pair of arms. It also makes me think of being enveloped inside a big circular building like the Colosseum in Rome.


envelop 8

enveloped 3

enveloped 5 Enveloped by white..

enveloped 7 This giant glass bottle, complete with ship inside was set up in Trafalgar Square, London a few years ago.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Forces of Nature

Here are some forces of nature which I have captured over my travels..

forc of nat 2

Other than its amazing scenery, what made Patagonia even more special were its rainbows – they were everywhere!

force f nau 4

The Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina was certainly a site to behold.

forces of nature

These bicycles in Amsterdam were definitely afflicted by a force of nature..

force of na t5

Its only when you get up close that its possible to see the blue heart of a glacier. Unfortunately the colour is a result of the melting process.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Intricate

For this week’s photography challenge – I’m sharing some examples of the small, intricate details which I’ve captured over my travels. These examples are mainly of buildings visited within the Rajasthan region of India, and a couple from Europe.

intri 9 Jain Temple, Rajasthan

intri 6

These intricate screens were used  in Moghul palaces to allow the women of the court to observe the world outside whilst being shielded from sight themselves. Similar features were also used in Moorish architecture.

intri 7

A tiny corner of the ceiling within the tomb complex of the Moghul Emperor, Akbar.

intri 4

One of the many beautiful examples of the stained glass windows within the Cathedrale Notre Dame, Paris.

intricate 2

A small detail of St Mark’s Basilica, Venice.

Photography Challenge – Motion

The theme for this week’s photography challenge – Motion, has so many possibilities that it’s been difficult to narrow down my favourites. But here goes..

motion 3

This little horse was having way too much fun to care about the cold.

motion 4

Water flowing past Neptune’s feet – Fontana del Nettuno, Rome.

motion 1

I came across this little waterfall at a national park in Rio.

omotion 6

A camel, a horse and a cyclist, on their way to a bar..

Photography Challenge- Afloat

This week’s Daily Post photography challenge is Afloat, a word which conjures up images of floating on warm tropical oceans and gazing up at blue skies, whilst sipping cocktails out of coconut shells.. The reality isn’t as glamorous, but a girl can dream!

afloat 7

The organised chaos of the floating markets at Bangkok.

afloat 1

When the sexiness of Rio gets all too much, head to Buzios to recover your senses..

afloat 5

Being the nearest mainland location to Antarctica, the Beagle Channel is no tropical haven – but its beauty is undeniable.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is to capture an ephemeral moment, which I think is quite apt given that photography by its nature is an art form which instantly captures a snippet of time. Here are examples which convey an ephemeral moment to me..

eph3  A new person enters the world.

eph 2 Falling snow.

eph 1 Fireworks.

epm 4  A baby condor stretches its wings.