Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers- The Accident


Here’s my contribution to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt. Thanks Priceless Joy for another awesome prompt!

The scene of the crime pierced an otherwise quiet neighbourhood like a gaudy Christmas tree, lit up with the flashing lights of emergency vehicles, news crews, and the flashes from a hundred selfies as the gawkers updated their Instagram feeds.

A crumpled car. A ruined house.

“A horrible accident” report the newsfeeds, filling your hunger for the latest tragedy.

An unfortunate set of circumstances leading to disaster.

But nothing happens by chance, does it?

I was there. I know.

The young family safe and warm in their home, enjoying story time before bed. The drunk driver risking the short trip home. A corner taken too fast. A cat which chose that instant to run across his path.

In the matter of life and death, a few seconds can make all the difference – or make no difference at all.

That poor family you say. What a terrible accident.

But in the matter of life and death, there are no accidents. I know. I was there.

Words: 165

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Welcome to the Party


Here’s my contribution to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers  prompt from Priceless Joy. Thanks once again Joy..

Fred cleared his throat nervously in the silence. His allergies had been playing up all day, and the tickle at the back of his throat was becoming unbearable. His eyes began to water as he fought to keep from breaking into a coughing fit. But the prize was so close now, he had to hold himself together.

The others stood around him in a circle – hoods drawn down over their faces. Only their shoes gave away their vocation.

“It is time.” A hooded figure broke away from the circle and walked over to Fred. “Bring me the Nose.” Another hooded figure approached, holding a black velvet cushion. Fred stared transfixed at the shiny red nose which sat atop the cushion.

The hooded figure picked up the nose and held it high. Behold Brothers, the mark of the Clown. He stooped down and affixed the nose on Fred. From this day forth, you will be known as Frozo. Welcome Brother.

Frozo sneezed, his shiny new nose flying off into the smoke filled room.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Invisible Friend


Here’s my contribution to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thankyou Priceless Joy for another fun prompt this week!

Oliver Wilde stumbled up the hill, too depleted of energy to take anything beyond the smallest steps necessary to keep himself from toppling over. He stopped and steadied himself on a light pole, waiting for the wave of nausea to subside.

He was in the process of passing out from the smell of his own breath when a loud bang jolted him back to life.

“Hey buddy, over here – in the dumpster.”

Oliver stared at the big blue box sitting in front of him, unsure of his next move.

The dumpster’s lid was slightly open, so he leaned forward to peer inside. “Hello?”

“Can you give me a hand in here?” a voice echoed from inside.

He pushed open the lid of the dumpster to find there was nothing in it except for an empty beer bottle.

I must be drunk, he thought, scratching his head. “I need help”.

Word limit: 151

White Manor


Here’s my contribution to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

Jessica felt the knot in her stomach tighten as the house came into view between the thick hedges veiling it from the outside world. White Manor. It had been in her family for longer than anyone could remember, growing fat on the memories made within its walls.

She had stayed away for almost 20 years, the last visit being for her Uncle Austin’s funeral. This time she had no choice, as her great- aunt had surprised everyone by naming Jessica as her sole heir. Her relatives thought that she had ingratiated herself to the old woman and taken advantage of her. But Jessica knew that it was the house which had chosen her.

The car crunched to a halt in front of the main doors. Jessica sat while the driver walked around to open her door – prolonging the inevitable for as long as she could. The scent of roses hit her as she stepped out of the cab. She was home.

words: 161

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – A Fishy Tale

prompt 2

Picking up the pace, she crossed the street and started moving towards the river. A quick glance over her shoulder confirmed that he was still behind her.

Pushing down the help button she spoke into her phone. “Siri call Dave” Calling Debbie.. “Dave! Call. Dave”. I’m sorry but I don’t know how to help you. There is a Glade Lane nearby that I can direct you to? “No, you stupid thing!”

She could see the Ivory Towers up head now and broke into a run, bumping and weaving past the tourists loitering along the path. Hey, catch! She threw her phone at an unsuspecting woman.

A bullet ricocheted off the light pole in front of her and passed through the leg of an old man who was watching the boats. Reaching the river, she vaulted over the rail and threw herself in. Her scales opened up as the skin above peeled away, and she swam down into the murky safety of the Mer River.

Words: 165

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers- The Visitor


With a final heave she was out of the ground. She lay on the moist earth for a moment to adjust to her new body, and took in the sights and smells of this new world. The busy earth beneath her, churning life out of the remnants of the dead. A blue sky above, singing with all the invisible sounds of this industrious little world, innocently heralding its presence to all who care to listen.

All around the tall sentinels of this world whispered to themselves in a language she hadn’t yet learnt. She rolled over and stood a while to watch as they sucked nourishment from the earth and light from the sun to make food.

She took a deep breath to fill her lungs and smiled to herself as she slowly exhaled. So sweet and clean it tasted.

A path lay ahead, leading no doubt toward the reason for which she had come to this world.

Another time, another place. Another adventure.

(Word limit: 164)